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Payment and Insurance Options

Insurance & Forms of Payment
Dr. Jakobsen and his team in Phoenix, AZ make every effort to provide not only excellent, but also affordable dental care. Money shouldn’t keep you from having the perfect smile you deserve. At Albright Dental Care we offer pain-free, flexible payment options allowing you to finance your smile with easy monthly payments if necessary. In addition to accepting cash and major credit cards, Albright Dental Care also works together with organizations that provide excellent financing options.


In-House Discount Plan

The Albright discount plan is just $99.95 per year for uninsured patients and offers 20%-50% off ALL services! (Click here for the discount plan brochure)

We also offer our In house enhanced plan for 15.00 per month. Our in house plan is very much like any PPO insurance policy that would be offered by an employer. (Click here for the In house Enhanced Plan brochure) 

We also offer another In house enhanced plan for 24.00 per month. Our in house periodontal plan is very much like any PPO insurance policy that would be offered by an employer. (Click here for the In house Enhanced Plan brochure)

Albright Dental Care works hand-in-hand with CareCredit Patient Payment Plans. CareCredit offers special financing options to patients at a reasonable rate through use of a CareCredit credit card. This credit card allows you to make easy monthly payments for dental treatments, rather than delaying treatment for financial reasons. Please contact our office for more details. 



You may be able to use your own dental insurance if you have a policy that allows you to choose your own dentist. If this is the case, we are happy to file your insurance claims for you so that you can be reimbursed by your insurance company. We accept HMO's from Cigna, Assurant, EDS, TDA and Mercy Care Advantage.

Dr. Jakobsen and the team at Albright Dental Care in Phoenix, AZ are proud to offer excellent dental care at an affordable price. If you have any questions or concerns about insurance and financing options, please contact our office.