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Meet Dr. Jakobsen

Charles B. Jakobsen

Dr. Jakobsen, a Southern California native, moved to Chicago in 1994 to finish his undergraduate studies, focusing on Neuropsychology, at Knox College. Upon graduation, he spent three years doing HIV research at Rush Medical Center before applying to dental school. In 2004, Dr. Jakobsen received his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Illinois at Chicago. From there, he moved to the valley. When asked what he likes most about dentistry, he replied, “Dentistry is one of the few specialties left in health care where the provider still has time to talk with and get to know his patients. What I like most is the feeling I get when I’ve been able to comfort and talk a patient through a procedure that they were fearful of. A dental chair can be a very unnerving place for many people. I’ve found that communicating with my patients throughout a procedure builds a trust and confidence that eliminates any previous fears they’ve had of the dentist’s office.”

In his free time, Dr. Jakobsen enjoys mountain biking, playing ice hockey, and spending time with his family.